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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lefty for the Bullpen

Ron Villone was just released by the Nationals; he's a lefty relief pitcher, who will be the 1st blog/commenter to call for the Mets to sign him?
  • He is terrible, which is why he was just released from the Nationals.
    • Lefties hit .297 vs him last year, and had a 1.73 WHIP vs lefties.

And yes, Joe Beimel is still looking for Two million dollars and is unsigned.

All this while a Philadelphia beat reporter today said the Phillies desperately need another lefty reliever.

Why can't right-handed pitchers just get both-sided hitters out?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, why can't you just get people out? Lefty / right, who has a slider, etc. Who cares. Man up, toughen up, make a quality pitch, get guys out. We need guys like that. I would take a tough hard nosed-right hander over a Ron Villone. I know lefties are coveted, but I covet outs.