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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Countdown to Opening Day. Home Opener 2005

2005: Mets vs Astros
Grad year at Quinnipiac year 1. No baseball practice so I didn't need to skip work. Don’t remember which classes I skipped. Went with Amy and it was cold (both opening days I went with Amy). My brother-in-law Mike got shot in the arm. Not a good day. But the Mets won 8-4.

Mets Starting Line-up:
J Reyes SS
K Matsui 2B
C Beltran CF
M Piazza C
C Floyd LF
D Wright 3B
D Mientkiewicz 1B
V Diaz C
T Glavine P

Astros Starting Line-up:
A Everett SS
C Biggio 2B
J Bagwell 1B (pride of University of Hartford)
M Ensberg 3B (he has a great blog now Morgan Ensberg's Blog)
J Lane RF
C Burke LF
B Ausmus C
W Taveras CF
A Pettitte P

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