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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scouting Report Pitchers on 40 Man Roster- Manny Acosta

Manny Acosta - #TBA

28 years old (29 in May)
4th major league season
6'4" 170 pounds (!!)
Bats R/Throws R

The Good: Throws a mid-90s fastball (can run it up to 98 mph), nice splitter and a "plus" slider. Strikes out a lot of hitters (7.7 k/9 last year). Was originally signed as a 16-year old out of Panama by the Yankees.

The Bad: Oliver Perez-esqe inconsistency that drives managers and teams mad. Walks too many guys (4.66 W/9 for his career) and has seen his fly ball rate climb the last three years. Lefties have hit .277 off him in his career. 

Role: Probably ticketed for Buffalo and AAA to start the year, but will be one of the first guys called up if/when the bullpen struggles. Maybe someone in the Mets organization can harness his stuff and help him find consistency, but I have little faith in the pitching coaches right now. Pure stuff-wise there is no reason he can't be a big part in a major league bullpen, but needs to decrease the walks.

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