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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mets Team as of January 24th

So in the beginning/middle of the off-season, I said, let's wait until beginning of spring training to judge the Mets off-season. Well we are 3 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting, so let's take a look at where we currently stand.

Line up:
J Reyes SS
L Castillo 2B
D Wright 3B
C Beltran CF (from May fwd)
J Bay LF
J Francoeur RF
D Murphy 1B
O Santos C

With Beltran out for April, I would slide A Pagan into either the 2 spot and drop Castillo down to the 8th spot, or bat Pagan 6/7th depending a right vs left pitcher.

We aren't going to see much else added to change that starting line up, but may tweak the bench with either Delgado (who is sounding like he's strictly a DH right now), or R Garko to platoon with D Murphy.

J Thole/Blanco/Coste knowing the Mets, it prob will be 2 of these 3, but it should be just 1 of them (another poor use of resources by the Mets, but I will wait until they make the mistake until I kill them on it).
G Matthews- 4/5th OF
A Pagan- 4/5th OF
A Cora- Utility IF
N Evans- Platoon PH/1b??  Battling for a roster spot, prob won't make it due to the Mets insistence on carrying 3 catchers.

Pitching Rotation. I'm assuming we are still getting another starting pitcher (Sheets or Garland). Sheets would slide into #2, Garland into the 3/4.

1) Johan
2) M Pelfrey
3) J Maine
4) O Perez
5) J Niese

K-Rod. closer
R Igarashi 8th inning guy
S Green- situational righty
P Feliciano- situational lefty
B Parnell-7th/8th inning guy
K Escobar- If healthy.
N Figueroa- long man/spot starter. Battling for last spot on roster.
P Misch- 2nd lefty out of the pen. Battling for last spot on roster.

So looking at the bullpen as it is now, it seems like B Stokes really was expendable (sorry Cotter).

With that team as is right now, I'd put the Mets around an 84-87 win team. If the Mets are able to sign Ben Sheets and R Garko as a RH platoon 1B/PH, I think the Mets are then an 87-90 win team.

24 days until pitchers and catchers report! I will be reporting to Port St. Lucie in 23 days...


  1. If Ben Sheets only wants $8 million guaranteed (like Heyman is reporting today)....GIVE IT TO HIM!!!!!

  2. If you belive Heyman, the Mets are are an outsider to get Sheets. I really would like to give him a shot in NY this year. If healthy, he can be a great compliment to Santana.

    I agree with Anthony to a point. Injuries killed the Mets last year. Nobody wins with backup--it's why they are backups. The two years before that, the Mets were a mid-80 win team / high 80 win team that just took the collar near the end. So if healthy and they perform, no reason they can't compete with Philly and Atlanta (and Florida?). I still want so more pitching depth though. Can never have enough arms...

    Mets must battle...