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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Carter, "the animal"

Great read from Brian Costa of the NJ Star-Ledger.

As the Mets have quickly learned, Carter doesn’t kid. Like a baseball cyborg, he is programmed to hit, run, throw and train with maximum intensity but is incapable of doing any of it nonchalantly.
And Jerry Manuel on Chris Carter:
“I tell you, he’s making a bid,” manager Jerry Manuel said. “We have a pinch-hitting spot open at this stage, and he has put his name in the hat very strongly, no doubt about that. I’ve been very impressed with his at-bats.”

Manuel has given Carter a nickname: The Animal.

When Manuel arrives at Tradition Field shortly before 7 a.m., Carter is already there, riding a stationary bike in the weight room. When most players leave in the late afternoon, Carter is still there, taking extra infield practice before lifting more weights.

To read the entire article, check it out here.


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