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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Countdown to Opening Day. Home Opener 2001

2001: Mets vs Braves
Freshman year of Quinnipiac. Got a note from Veronica, who worked at a MD office, that I had otitis media (which I had to memorize was an inner ear infection); skipped chem lab which is why I needed the note. Again went with Doug and his brother Pat.

Mets won 9-4, behind a crowd of 53,600. It was 66 degrees and sunny. I also remember that a Braves doll was being hung by a noose in the Mezzanine section we were sitting in.

Mets Starting Line-up:
D Hamilton LF
E Alfonso 2B
R Ventura 3B
M Piazza C
T Zeile 1B
J Payton CF
T Shinjo RF (Good ol #5 before D Wright)
R Ordonez SS
K Appier P (what a great trade Appier for Mo Vaughn. who got the better/less worse end of that deal)?

Braves Starting Line-up:
R Furcal SS
Q Veras 2B (I had him on one of my fantasy teams back 10 years ago)
C Jones 3B
B Jordan RF (an all-time Mets killer)
BJ Surhoff LF
A Jones CF
J Lopez C
R Brogna 1B (TC still proudly wears his Brogna jersey)
K Millwood P

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  1. wow, was Brogna really in the #8 spot? A rough way to see one of New York's greatest athletes end their career.