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Friday, March 26, 2010

New Itouch/Iphone App. - Batting Goggles

For those readers who have an Itouch/Iphone, I wanted to update you on an app that was just released on Itunes, "Batting Goggles".  I started hearing about it yesterday (Hardball Times), and decided to download it tonight. WOW. It's a wealth of information.

For .99 cents, you have access to every player's hitting and pitching charts both in AND out of the strike zone, using all of last year's data (there is talk of expanding it to prior years and possibly updating it monthly/quarterly during the season for an additional cost). It wasn't until I was looking at this tonight that I realized how AWFUL D Wright was last year on pitches on the outer 1/3 of the plate. For example, versus right handed pitchers last year, he hit .077 up and away, slugged .185 middle away, and hit .176 low and away. You can sort these charts by RHP or LHP or both. You will never lose a bar argument about player's strengths and weaknesses ever again. And with the simple interface, it took less than 10 seconds to get that data. Another great thing is that all the data is downloaded onto your device, so you don't need to be connected to the internet to have access to the data.

I can already tell this app is going to change how I watch games not only at home, but also when I'm at the ballpark. You will also start to see some of this data in the remaining scouting reports I will be finishing up this week.

For those who want to see more screen shots, check this page out: Sabometrics.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions about it.

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