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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Position by Position 40 man roster- Fernando Tatis

Fernando Tatis - #17

35 years old
5'11" 185 pounds
11th major league season
Bats R/Throws R

Good: Um, Omar Minaya likes him. I'll search for something else that's good. He's built churches in the Dominican Republic. Oh, you want to know what he does well on the baseball field. Ok, he supposedly can play all infield positions and the corner outfield positions. He has a .364 OBP and .459 slugging % vs lefties last year. Has had some big HRs over the past few years, and can hit mistakes for home runs.

Bad: Can't play any position above average/well. .285/.321/.425 slash stats vs Righties.

Role: Shouldn't be on the major league roster, but he signed a guaranteed contract. Will be a utility player off the bench.

Projections: 300 at bats (which is 300 too many),  7 HR, .265/.330/.420

As a reference, the average MLB 1st baseman slash stats last year were: .276/.362/.483

Link to the Starting 1st baseman:
Daniel Murphy


  1. You forgot that he donates most of his paycheck to rebuild the church in his hometown--another reason to keep him "A nice guy"....

    So the Mets lost today. Misch threw well, but poor defense doomed them. Good thing it is only spring training. Without solid defense, they don't have a prayer.

    And if any of these players used HGH it didn't help--both who are involved with the canadian doctor were hurt or are hurt!

  2. my apologies, i read this so fast, church building was mentioned...oops

  3. Daniel Murphy or Tatis.....neither is a good choice for a MAJOR league baseball team....spend some money and get someone who is a 1st Baseman not a #7 hitter at best in that lineup