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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scouting Report Pitchers on 40 man Roster- Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell - #39

25 years old (26 in September)
3rd Major League Season
6'4" 200 pounds
Bats R/Throws R

The Good: One of the hardest throwers in the organization, throwing a sinking fastball between 94-97 mph, and hitting 100 a few times in 2009. Also throws a slider, but it's inconsistent. Was a ground-ball pitcher in the minors, but has been more of a fly-ball pitcher in the majors. Had a 3.46 ERA last year out of the bullpen. On June 6, he had a 1.96 ERA and had struck out 20 hitters out in 23 innings.

The Bad: He has a good fastball, but nothing else. Mets tried to make him a starter at the end of last year, and it failed miserably. He couldn't last 5 innings, as he doesn't have any worth-while secondary offerings and was wild (4.7 W/9).

Role: Reliever who is battling for the last spot in the bullpen. He has options so he could be sent down to AAA to work on his secondary offerings.

My projected Stats: 40 innings, 1.45 WHIP, 3.80 ERA, 30 Ks, 22 BB

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