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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Must read article from Hardball Times

After the report in the Daily News this morning with quotes from Howard Johnson saying Tony Bernazard was responsible for the shift in offensive philosophy away for pulling the ball, here is the data that backs it up.

This is a must read:


How Tony B had this much power in the organization, more than the managers and hitting coaches, is beyond me. OR is this just a case of a misrun organization just piling everything on someone who was fired and trying to turn the page on the recent disasters?

I tend to believe Jerry Manuel was taking all the credit for his 80 pitch drill designed to go the other way last year...now it was Tony B's idea?? Next we are going to blame Adam Rubin for this also...

1 comment:

  1. Good news: Reyes ran to 3rd on a triple and his leg didn't fall off. A plus for the Mets. Have to have a healthy Reyes.

    Bad news: So the Mets had an opposite field philosophy and it was Bernazard's idea? If it is true or untrue, who cares. But once again, we have the appearance of mismanagement and conflicting messages from management. That's nothing new in Met land...

    Let's hope they win. Winning tends to cure a lot of things.