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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some thoughts from the Mets Braves Grapefruit Opener

I was able to watch the game this afternoon. Some couple quick hits:

  • Ike Davis took a fastball on the outer-half and pulled a line drive into right field.
    • He did misplay a throw at 1st base, turning his glove the wrong way on a low throw.
    • Got a base hit vs a lefty and stayed back and went the other way. Nice at bat.
  • Gary Matthews was a quiet 0-3, but did hit the ball hard his last at bat; it was a DP
  • B Parnell was throwing hard, but didn't notice if his secondary pitches have improved at all, which is what he needs to be a dominant reliever.
  • E Dessens (pitcher), left the game after taking a line drive off his leg.
  • M Jacobs had a pitch to drive but got under it, then had a couple bad swings when he fell behind in the count and weakly grounded out.
  • Russ Adams CRUSHED a HR in the bottom of the 8th inning.
  • Jason Heyward (Braves RF of the future/maybe the present), is very impressive. Good understanding of the strike zone, and smoked a line drive against E Dessens.
    • He also stole 3rd base easily
  • T Hanson (Braves SP) looked sharp, and has a very bright future.

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  1. Ant

    Love the updates... Heard a great analysis from a DIE HARD METS patient today..
    The 2010 NY METS - SLOGAN


    We all can't be the optomist that you are and I would love to see World Championship # 3 but not in the next 5 years unless we get some PITCHING!!! OMAR Wake up and smell the we can't through strikes air...

    I will keep checking in and add my realistic take on the 2010 METS -

    BOHICA !!