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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reyes to start the year on the DL?

After the conference call just concluded, it sounds like it could take 2-8 weeks for his thyroid levels to level out, and it is becoming more likely Jose Reyes will be starting out the year on the DL. 

But don't worry, that's why we signed Alex Cora this off-season...

take deep breaths, take deep breaths...



  1. I can't not post a comment on Jose... This whole saga is turning into a SOAP OPERA. Either the guy is totally on steroids or there is something wrong with his VISA. If any normal human being had these positive blood tests they would be like go back to work and follow up in 3 months.

    I am sick and tired of the Mets poor medical staff and SOFT SOFT players. Beltran, Reyes, and Wright need to grow a pair and play ball!!!!

    Signing off again....again...again
    PS - The up side we won't have to suffer through a 7 game slide because we will be WAY OUT OF THE playoffs with 7 to play.

  2. 2-8 weeks--only in Met land can somebody be out 2-8 weeks. Granted this is a strange "injury" but why not, wouldn't be the Mets if it wasn't strange. The Mets need Reyes and if he out an extended period of time, I think it is about as bad as it can be. Let's hope he can get it under control and be a vital part of the team. Bottom line, they are just a different team with him jump-starting everything.

  3. If we have another year of DL after DL....Omar, and the ENTIRE Medical staff should be shipped out of the county..

  4. The saga continues...

  5. Of course the Mets miscommunicated during their original conference call, and then corrected it later saying the 2-8 weeks has already begun. Nothing should surprise us at this point.

    Let's just get him on the field as soon as possible