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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Position by Position 40 man roster- Anderson Hernandez

We will finish up the infielders on the 40 man roster today with 2 players not likely to make the 25 man roster (Anderson Hernandez and Shawn Bowman)

Anderson Hernandez- #11

27 years old
5'9" 185 pounds
6th major league season (184 major league games)
Bats S/Throws R

The Good: Had a good defensive season in 2006 at 2B.

The bad: .245/.303/.324 for his career, and has been declining in the field. Lost his starting job last year to Alberto Gonzalez in Washington, and got traded to the Mets. Started 39 games last August/September, but had no real contribution to the team.

Role: Trade option (he's out of options) or a filler at Buffalo if no one else wants a light hitting and light glove infielder.

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