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Friday, March 26, 2010

Countdown to Opening Day. Home Opener 2000.

The 2nd year of the streak I was a senior in high school and knew I was skipping school, as well as baseball practice again (I had pitched a game the prior day). I once again went with Doug, along with his brother Pat (drove in his van), Jon M, and Rory came with us. We were all ready to go, until we found out we had to go to Kellenberg to pick up Kristy from school (why she went to school for 2 hours I have no idea).

Mets beat the Padres 2-1, as Derek Bell hit the Game-winning HR in the 8th inning, and we go home happy.

Mets starting line-up:
R Henderson LF
D Bell RF
E Alfonso 2B
M Piazza C
T Zeile 1B
R Ventura 3B
M Mora CF
R Ordonez SS
A Leiter P

A Martin LF
D Jackson SS
T Gwynn RF
P Nevin 3B
R Klesko 1B
B Boone 2B
R Rivera CF
C Hernandez C
S Hitchcock P (good old Sterling)


  1. ARM,

    Keep up the good work, enjoy checking up on things.


  2. wasn't it Derek Bell? Either way, I remember that HR. Let's go Mets!

    Anybody concerned that Johan has given up the most runs and hits of any pitcher in spring training throughout MLB? I am not, but figured somebody was ready to jump off a bridge.