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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Countdown to Opening Day. Home Opener 2002.

2002: Mets vs Pirates
Sophomore year of Quinnipiac. Met Rory and 3 of his friends from Nova (Doug, Joe and Tim). Tailgated in the marina next to Doug’s Jetta; I was in a rush to get into the game, so I threw the charcoal into the garbage can and almost set it on fire. Oops.

Mets beat the Pirates 6-2, and was a pleasant 57 degrees.

Mets starting line-up:
R Cedeno LF
R Alomar 2B
M Vaughn 1B
M Piazza C
E Alfonso 3B
J Burnitz RF
J Payton CF
R Ordonez SS (would be a perfect fit for Seattle's all-defense team)
A Leiter P

Pirates Starting Line-up:
A Brown CF
J Kendall C (how many fantasy titles did he win for me in his prime? Wait, somebody tell KC he stinks)
A Ramirez 3B
K Young 1B
A Rios LF
C Wilson RF
M Benjamin SS
P Reese 2B (I always liked Pokey)
R Villone P (got to love that he's still around solely because he throws left-handed)

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