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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Thoughts

After a loyal reader told me this afternoon "Listen to WFAN, "The Pope is killing the Mets."

My response was "why, what has changed that needs to be talked about? They won a game last night, but it doesn't matter. Until the Mets make a change in the front office, manager or players, then there is no reason to talk about them because the season is over."

And that's truly my feelings; everyone thinks they have the solution for the Mets, but until the Mets do anything, there isn't much to say.

(You can't be happy with what you are seeing Mr. Wilpon, but "The Sun will Rise Tomorrow")

Here is the final installment of Adam Rubin's piece "Meet the Mess"

My Take: Again, nothing new in the article. He believes Omar may be reassigned and that Wally Backman will be the manager in 2011. It's got to be better than what we are dealing with right now; another wasted baseball season.

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