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Monday, August 9, 2010

State of the Mets Monday Morning/Looking at 2011

So the Mets just finished up a crucial 6-game road trip against the two teams in front of them, and it ended how many people expected: with a 2-4 record. Yes they battled back and didn't roll over and play dead, but still the end result is another 2-4 road trip, and their record currently sits at 55-56, 9 games out of 1st place and 7 1/2 games out of the wild card (with 4 teams in between them in the Giants). The Mets have 51 games remaining, and need to go 35-16 to get to 90 wins, or a .686 winning %. And 90 wins doesn't guarantee a playoff spot. So let's look forward to 2011.

C J Thole (league average)
1B I Davis (league average)
2B R Tejada/L Castillo (league average/below)
3B D Wright (above average)
SS J Reyes (above average)
LF J Bay (above average)
CF A Pagan (above average)
RF C Beltran/F Martinez (league average)

SP: J Santana (above average)
SP: J Niese (slightly above average)
SP: M Pelfrey (league average)
SP: _______
SP: _______ (RA Dickey?)

When I look at that team, I don't see a team that is better than 83-84 win team. The Mets sign Cliff Lee and that can be pushed up to 86-88. Or if they realize that Ike Davis is just a league average 1st baseman, and trade him in a package for Prince Fielder, that's another way to transform the team to a contender.

And this is another issue that needs to be resolved by next season.
  • In light of the roster moves this weekend, here is a recent scout's report on someone else who needs to go away. Mets left-hander Oliver Perez: "The Mets really need to cut their losses and release him. He used to be a guy with good stuff who didn't know how to pitch, but now he's totally useless and taking up a roster spot."
    • My Take: It just confirms what every Met fan has seen/said this whole year. With that being said, now that 2010 season is over, I would pitch Oliver Perez every 5th day and see what he does. There is nothing to lose (because there is no difference between 78 and 84 wins), and maybe another team will see something in the last 8-10 starts. I'd rather see him than Takahashi start.


  1. Great Blog Ant!!

  2. This season is over for the Mets. I don't see how they can go 36-16 down the stretch with this group. They haven't won back to back games in 2 months nor a series (other than STL) in over a month.

    Francouer wins 2 games on the trip and his reward? Bench. Hessman hits 1 home run, his reward, a start. I wonder how that inconsisency plays in the clubhouse. They might as well trade Francouer.

    The Mets are who they are. And they are just a .500 team with a 140 million dollar payroll.