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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Let the Door Hit you on the way out...

Pelfrey = terrible
4 errors = pathetic
= Another disgusting loss 8-3

There is nothing else to write. I can't waste my time and energy when the players are "flat".

7 1/2 games out. Day off tomorrow, then a three-game set in Philadelphia. Niese vs Blanton 7:35 PM Friday Night.


  1. I think it is becoming clear that the Mets are just a .500 team. They may catch a streak to make it interesting, but teams are who they are. They have a bunch of teams in front of them for the wild card and 2 in their own division. Traditionally, a team in their position has to play some ridiculous baseball (like .650 or something) over the final stretch to jump that many teams. Can they do it? Sure. Will they? well, that's very hard to do when you are inconsistent

    And I do believe that the series breakdowns lately have been a loss to SF (1-3), loss to ARI (0-3), loss to LA (1-3), win vs. STL (2-1), loss vs. ARI (1-2),and loss to ATL (1-2)....that is 6-14 out of the break, a robust .300 win %. I am pretty sure that won't get it done

  2. Mets did not lose but fell only another half game back!,,