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Sunday, August 1, 2010

14 runs allowed..Seriously?

Another day, another Mets loss. A homestand that needed to be at least 4-2 or 5-1, ends right where the Mets belong: 3-3, or .500.

Could be a season-deciding road trip to division foes Atlanta and Philadelphia this week.

At least we didn't make any dumb trades this week.


  1. Mets need to win8 straight NOW for Jerry to keep his job and the Mets to salvage the season! If not they can book tee times for October

  2. Hall of Fame Ceremony yesterday: look at those guys, they never gave u p. Yes they had a talented team but each knew their role and played that role. Go ask Frenchie what is role is, as he was double switched out in this blow out of a game!!!

    Once again Pagan played a great defensive CF minus the throw but he caught balls that Beltran would have been chasing down at the wall

  3. Santana needs to be great tonight because I am pretty sure Hudson will perform. I can definately see 1 or 2 runs over 7 or 8 for both guys and it turning into a bullpen battle.

    If the Mets want to be taken serious, win both series on the road. 4-2 and I will believe they can battle. 2-4, trouble. This is the crossroads week for them. They are out of chances.