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Sunday, August 8, 2010

In response to Yesterday's Trade Rumors

Here were the corresponding moves yesterday and both R Tejada and F Martinez were promoted to the Mets. J Feliciano was demoted and A Cora was released.

R Tejada will be used as the every day 2nd baseman, and F Martinez will be in a platoon with J Francoeur.

My Take: Love giving Tejada the chance to play every day because he's young and he needs to continue to develop. BUT, F Martinez is a year older than Tejada, shouldn't he be playing every day also?!? We know what/who J Francoeur is, we don't need to learn what he can do. F Martinez is not going to get better versus lefties if he doesn't see them for the next 2 months. In regards to Alex Cora, I'm happy they finally stepped up and realized he wasn't making the Mets on the field any better and was a wasted roster spot.

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