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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More K-Rod News and a Guest Post

Marc (Ms2379) made a very detailed comment expecting more to be said about K-Rod, so I'm going to re-post it below. I'm sick of the negative news surrounding the team and didn't think it needed any more coverage. But I guess I was wrong. When I made the comment I hope they are able to void the contract, I was speaking quickly and not caring what was best for the team on the field to win games. Obviously he makes the team better; even though he is a roller-coaster, he is still a top 5 closer in the game. But he is a luxury for a team that probably won't make the playoffs even next year, so why pay a closer 12-15 million? Yes he makes the team better, but at what point may it be better to use that money on other resources?

The Mets placed K-Rod on the disqualified list yesterday, saying they won't have to pay his salary until he is able to pitch again. The union has already filed a grievance, and a key part of the case is that if he truly did hurt his thumb in the altercation, then why was he allowed to pitch on Saturday? We will see what the fallout of this is eventually.

Anyway, onwards to Marc's 1st guest column. Enjoy and feel free to make comments below.

I figured there would be more K-Rod stuff here, but I guess not. I will chime on the topic though. Everybody wants him out of town and to void the contract. I don't agree...and here is why (once you get past the idea he is a fool..which doesn't bother me that much really...most people are fools, myself probably included)...

#1: People will get over this. Everybody gets over things. So he hit a guy. It's wrong. It's bad. Get him some anger management classes.

#2: If they do get rid of him and don't replace him with somebody good, Met fans will turn to hypocrites and complain "how can they get rid of K-Rod for so and so". I know the PR of this might force the move or a trade, but until that happens, I have my opinion.

#3: There is NO WAY the contract is going to be voided. Not a chance. the Players Union won't allow it. There is no way to prove when it actually got injured and it just won't happen. The good part is now that he is done, it is highly unlikely that vesting option will kick in.

Now, here is what I really think (besides keep him because he is still better than most): the Mets are telling you what they really think about K-Rod. If they are this willing to get rid of him, they don't think he is any good. Somebody in that organization is convinced that they can get the same production from another pitcher either in the system (or there now) or can acquire one. It also tells me that payroll is an issue and losing that money might be beneficial to them. There is no way they are better without him.

the PR thing is an issue, but not a huge one in my view. As I said earlier, this will go away. the Mets might try and hide behind the PR issue and that's their right, but I think it would be just that--hiding--from the fact that they just don't like him as a closer. Maybe I am wrong, but if a team is willing to get rid of somebody so easily, it usually means something other than what is making the headlines.

Lastly, I have heard that the fans won't ever cheer for him or like him. Boo hoo. That's ridiulous. Has anybody read the book "the Bad Guys Won" about the 1986 Mets? They were maniacs, renegades, and crazy. Between who was doing drugs, women during the games, fighting during the team photos, and trashing airplanes, they have more crap going on than just about anything you heard of. BUT THEY WON! And they are trated like heroes. Nobody cares that Doc was doing coke or Straw was doing women during the game (his words, not mine). My point is winning takes care of everything (show me one Met fan who says "yeah we won in 1986 but they did some bad things"...you can't, they don't exist). So if K-Rod comes out next year and closes the first 20 games lights out or puts up big numbers, the love affair starts again.

Keep K-Rod. His option likely won't kick in. he is still better than most. Is he a fool? Yep. No doubt. But he can still close for my team...just send him to anger management and maybe some "how not to break your ankle" while pitching classes.

My Take: I agree with the majority of his points, but the issue with the salary/payroll I addressed above. It's more just trying to figure out when this team is built to win for. Is it 2011, or are they trying to clear payroll and get ready to win in 2012 or 2013. Looking at the contracts for next year, I don't see them being able to be creative enough and add enough payroll (40 million for a Lee and a Fielder or something similar to that) to win next year. So my view is to clear payroll off the books this year and next, and prepare to win in 2012 and beyond. It's easy for me to say that, but I know it's impossible to admit you are "rebuilding" or "not trying to win this year" in New York. 

One last thing, in regards to the vesting option: he needs to finish 100 games combined in 2010 and 2011 AND finish 55 games in 2011 for it to vest. If my memory is correct, he has around 45 games finished this year, so in effect, he still just needs the 55 games finished next year, so him missing the next month is a non-issue if I'm correct.

Thanks again for reading Marc and keep up the great comments.


  1. I have no issues with a rebuild, if they do it right (as first noted by the kid chicken). However, I was working under the assumption that the Mets won't tear it down and rebuild properly and that they have to maintain some star power to charge the prices they do--thus I am keeping K-Rod and Santana and Bay And Wright and Reyes.

    My other issue with rebuilding is that I know the Mets spend the least on their draft area of the budget so how confident can I be in a team that wants to rebuild the whole thing but has a sub-par farm system? I also wonder about their ability to get the right prospects since they don't financially care about scouting/draft. If you are going to trade K-Rod or Santana, you better get somebody who is can't miss or close to can't miss.

    The problem with the Mets is they won't tear it down (they say they can't, but they can, see the NY Knicks, their fans jumped on board with it) and they won't add payroll becuase they can't afford it. So they are stuck in limbo like they have been.

    The Mets are going to try to tell us (again) next year that they are ready to win (our time is now, next year is now, etc).

    So i say pick a side--sign Lee and get Fielder and increase payroll--fine. Dump everybody, rebuild--fine. Are we going to get that? Do I even have to answer that one?

  2. I think the true Met's fan looks at this and says:

    Show me a guy who is better than KROD in the organization.

    Show me a guy who at some point in his life hasn't lost his temper and done something stupid.

    Show me a team who cares if they win or lose. (This team doesn't have what it takes to win)

    DO i think they should go after LEE or Fielder..my answer is NO. Some part of me says to rebuild like Anthony says. Another part of me says ...ONE player isn't going to put this team over the top to make the playoffs and win.

    If you watch this team, and really watch the game, not the scoreboard you will see the following:

    IF Reyes is playing well he is happy and trying to get everyone up...that is not a leader!!

    IF Wright is going good he is hitting to all fields, not trying to HIT HR's ..he isn't leading by example or by voice...

    Your best player all year is moving positions everyday and/or platooning...namely PAGAN...he has proven over the past two years he should be playing everyday.

    IKE DAVIS ..is a good player but NOT the next coming of Keith Hernandez....

    Tejada is YOUNG and is not a hitter at this level and in the NL you can't give up more outs in the line up 3-4 times a game.

    Beltran, yes he is back and getting some hits now, but he should be trying to strenghten his legs so he can swing with them and not just his upper body..

    Bay...he doesn't know where he is but did play hard, JUST A YEAR LONG SLUMP of no power..

    Francour...well...he has always been streaky..

    Cathcers---enough said with a 3 man platoon..how can anyone get in a rythem...

    PITCHERS---Santana (down year? look at the run support vs his starts) is worth every penny..HE CARES and battles everygame and at bat.

    RA DICKEY--having a career year..

    other than that...where do you go in the staff....pelfrey pitched for a few months....bullpen...????

    So one player isn't going to fix this team...

    Three people need to go:
    Oli Perez (worthless contract--he will go to Philly and beat us next year..lol)
    Jerry Manuel (doesn't have respect of his players or get them to play up to their ability)
    Luis Castillo (if he isn't going to play he can't be a player off the bench--I think he is a good asset if Tejada isn't going to play or hit at this level)

    Player you have to keep:
    KROD--He made a mistake...Get over it and let him earn his extension next year...hope they have 55 games for him to try and save...

  3. We're effed, I WISH we'll win again in 2012/13, who knows what our next screwed up situation will be by then.

    Not happy right now...