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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Game 114: Mets vs Rockies

12:10 start = I will not have the line-ups posted. Check out Citislickers.com for the line-up.

My Prediction: Johan throws well and the Mets win, but does it really matter anymore?

A Half-hearted Lets Go Mets


  1. Santana was great today.

    Update on K-Rod: puched his fiance's father, not his father in law. Fiance' has restraining order against him. K Rod is on some 2 day list that is an alternative to suspension. Charges are being presed, due back in court Sept. 14.

    At least Santana was dominant today. I see the poll has Santana in the lead as the contract to get rid of. Yeah, let's get rid of a top pitcher in baseball. If the Mets ever dumped his contract I would then be convinced they don't care about winning and would become a Royals fan.

  2. Once again I agree!!!! Can't get rid of Johan. I might be an orioles fan than!!

  3. Any info on why rod hit him?? Would love to hear that story