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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Game 121: Mets @ Astros

Here's the line-up for tonights game vs Bud Norris:

Barajas (WHY?)

Is Jerry trying to get fired?

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  1. I just got home and was actually listening to Mets pregame on the radio with Ed Coleman. He was doing his usual interview with Jerry and something Jerry said bothered me. He was talking about how with so few games left, being .500 isn't going to cut it, etc. Then he said something to the effect of that you want to be 10 or 12 above .500 late in the season, and then you can play .500 and see where it gets you.

    Can somebody expain to me where being .500 is acceptable? I am sure he meant that you have to be in it first with a winning record, but still, didn't like the comment. Average is not ok. This sport is about winning, plain and simple. For me, I totally agree with "have to be 10 or 12 over". However, take it to the next step and say "get to 10 or 12 over and then go for the kill and get 20 over". That's what I want to hear.

    In his defense, they have to get 5 over .500 before they talk about 10, 15,20, etc. But it is all really a dead issue because they will be 82-80 or something like that and unless you are the Cards of a few years ago, 80 wins doesn't get it done.