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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Francoeur's Stats for the Year

Batting Average: .236
OBP: .293
Slug: .369

He's swung at 43% of balls, when league average is 29%.
He swings and misses 11.7% of the time, league average is 8.2%


  1. Frenchy did a solid job this season. Some always held a grudge against him for whatever reason but he brought a winning attitude to a clubhouse that desperately needed it. Not only that, but he brought a legit presence to the lineup which helped cause concern for opposing pitchers. He is a big reason why Reyes has seemed rejuvenated this year too.

  2. A Winning attitude resulted in a team that was 2 games under .500 when he was traded. The other "positive clubhouse guy", Alex Cora, really helped the team as well.

    He was a real "presence".

    Thanks for the comment, but I will agree to disagree.