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Friday, August 20, 2010

Memo to the Mets/Yesterday's Roster Move

I didn't get to it yesterday, but the Mets activated R Barajas off the DL and sent Fernando Martinez down to AAA, after Howard Johnson had been interviewed saying what Fernando Martinez needed was to face major league pitching in order to get better.

And how exactly is that going to happen in AAA?

So The Mets go back to being the only team in the NL to carry 3 catchers (1 prospect and 2 non-factors offensively or in the future), and are still carrying Oliver Perez. So Manuel is forced to play with a 23 man roster when everyone else has 25.

Memo to the Mets: Acknowledge this season is lost, and start playing the young guys every day for next year; you have 6 weeks to evaluate and improve players, take advantage of it. I, and I'm probably speaking for the majority of Mets fans, have no interest in seeing Barajas or Blanco catch another game. Release one or both of them. Let Tejada play 2nd base every day to see if he can make adjustments at the plate. Let Chris Carter play RF every day and find out if he is just a pinch hitter/organizational filler, or if he can play 5x a week and if he can hit lefties because HE HAS ZERO AT BATS VS LHP THIS YEAR. Zero at bats versus LHP. 105 ABs versus RHP, 0 vs LHP. I don't care if he isn't as good defensively as Francoeur; you need to find out who Chris Carter is in the organization. And if he can't hit enough (which I doubt), then he isn't worth having on the roster next year. But the only way to find out is to play him.

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