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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2011 Contracts and Guaranteed Money

Here is a great article over at Amazin Avenue and basis for discussion over here.

Who would you trade if you could get rid of one contract over the next few years.

If you could dump one Mets contract which would it be?

Johan Santana: 3 years, $77.5 million guaranteed.
Jason Bay: 3 years, $51 million guaranteed (plus vesting option).
Oliver Perez: 1 year, $12 million guaranteed.
Francisco Rodriguez: 1 year, $15 million guaranteed (plus ridiculous vesting option).
Carlos Beltran: 1 year, $18.5 million
Place your vote on the side bar and your rationale in the comments section. I will post my opinion tonight/tomorrow.


  1. I would get rid of Beltran (if he had any value). The Met fans have never liked him and he clearly isn't what he was pre-surgery. Whether or not he can get there for next year, who knows. But with the emergence of Pagan, Beltran (despite being an-all star) can go.

    I would keep Perez around and showcase him. Somebody will take a chance on a left handed pitcher who hasn't turned 30 yet. So I guess I am dumping him and Beltran.

    K-Rod--I would keep him and don't see any reason why you would get rid of him. Unless they can replace him with somebody better (highly unlikely), let him close and keep him around.

    I would not trade Bay. I have to believe that the 6 HR/40 RBI year is a fluke and I expect him to be back to his career averages next year. He can hit and the Mets can use him in the middle of the lineup. And I like how he plays the game. So I am keeping him.

    There isn't a snowballs chance in you know where I am getting rid of Santana...I think that covers that.

    So I am dumping 2 guys. Beltran can go for a bag of peanuts and believe it or not, I think the Mets can get a something for Perez--maybe a role player or something. Don't under value the love of left handed pitching, even if it is Perez.

  2. And let me add more to my Santana belief. I read what the other blog had to say and somehow the name Vasquez was in the same sentence as Santana. I understand the point, but Santana is worth every penny. He is a front-line bulldog who sets the tone for the entire staff. Somebody would have to make one hell of a case on how getting rid of him helps the Mets. Oh, and if he had any run support his record would be much better. I don't care about record, I care about performance. But there are those who feel record is all-tellling. Fine, give him the wins in those games where he gave up 1 run. Now what's his record? Among the best in the league, that's where. He pitches for me any day of the week. No questions asked, don't care what it costs.

  3. I agree with ms2379 about beltran. Move him and Perez if you can!! Roos in Jerry with the deal