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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Joaquin Arias Acquired for Francouer

I know some Mets fans were disappointed we only got a utility infielder for Francoeur, but I'm thrilled we got a warm body. This prevents Omar from tendering Frenchy a contract next year.

Brief scouting report on Arias: 25 years old who is a speedster (24 stolen bases and 3 cs last year in AAA, 23 and 5 in 2008 AA), doesn't have a lot a pop/power (7 home runs career high, although had a .421 slugging % in AA in 2008, which would be hall of fame caliber 2B for the Mets). The Rangers got tired of his free-swinging approach (swings at balls 37% of the time) and lack of patience (2% walk rate in 50 games this year in the big leagues).

He's better and younger than Luis Hernandez, so why not give him a shot and see what he can do. Worst case he turns into next year's Alex Cora at a fifth of the price.

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