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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Put It In The Books/And the Ball Game Is Over!

I said in the preview Pelfrey needed to be perfect in order for the Mets to win, and he was, going 7 shutout innings. The Mets then got 2 scoreless innings from Takahashi and K-Rod.

Mets get their 2nd 1-0 win in 3 games.

Niese vs Francis tomorrow; suddenly the Mets have a chance to sweep the series in my opinion and get everyone excited again...


  1. Sweep out there lockers in a few weeks !

  2. The word excited was used. I will use the word "interested"...for me to get interested in this (and I am still watching the team, I never give up) I need the Mets to be 4, maybe 5 out of something (division/wild card) on Labor Day. Then the month of September will be interesting.