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Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the Mets can't sweep

Mets scored 1 run in the 1st inning, and then nothing for the next 8 innings. Johan throws 8 innings and only 2 runs, but once again doesn't get help.

Mets finish the road trip 4-3 versus the Astros and the Pirates.

Day off tomorrow, then go home for a three-game series vs the Marlins, then the Astros over the weekend. Josh Johnson vs RA Dickey Tuesday night, 7:10

1 comment:

  1. Trades for "cash considerations"...nice...and there is the Mets and money again. They couldn't even get a player? I mean come on. I know they wouldn't have gotten anything at the top prospect level, but still, a player is better than money--what if they turn out to be a good player? You never know...

    Think well of me tonight as I sit in Fenway Park to watch some guy from the Mariners pitch I never heard of..and the forecast is for rain and a lot of it--could be a LONG night in Boston...but this is what happens when everybody in the family is a Sox fan but you...have to suck one one and go to Fenway for a non-Met game