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Friday, June 18, 2010

Subway Series Preview/Expectations

I know I normally don't do series previews, and instead focus on individual games, but I've gotten numerous requests to try to discuss this series more in-depth.

Game 1: Yankees definitely have the pitching advantage (Vasquez vs Takahashi), and I expect them to win game 1 just as they did in the first series of the year. Takahashi has been great when facing opponents for the first time, but has limited success when facing hitters for the 2nd time. Advantage: Yankees

Game 2: Pelfrey vs Hughes. Match-up of two young pitchers having breakout seasons and it should be a treat to watch. In games with even pitching match-ups, I usually give the advantage to the home team. But this is a game the Mets can steal.

Game 3: Santana vs Sabathia. Match-up of established veterans/# 1 starters and again it should be a treat to watch. I go back to the fact that I usually give the advantage to the home team when the pitching match-up is equal, but I also don't expect the Mets to get swept. So this is another game the Mets can steal.

Overall: I expect the Yankees to win the series, 2-1, but it will still be an outstanding road trip, going 7-2. The two pictures above are from Subway Series wins in the past (One on the left was when D Wright hit the ball over the Pepsi Picnic Area, and the one on the right was when Pedro beat Mussina at the old Yankee Stadium).

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