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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caution: Another Negative Mets Post

I don't know why I'm focusing on the negative today, but here is another very good article, this one from Fangraphs, asking if the Mets should trade for a starting pitcher.

Here are some relevant pitching rankings for the Mets in terms of place in the National League thus far:

Team ERA: 6th
Team xFIP: 14th
Team FIP: 10th
My Take: This pitching staff could be in for a severe regression based on these stats.

But what about the offense?

Team wOBA: 13th
Team OBP: 13th
Team SLG: 12th
Omar Minaya has another month and a half to see where the Mets stand.
My Take: The offense will continue to get better as Reyes, Bay and maybe even Beltran return and play as they are expected, but as it stands now, they are in the bottom four of the National League.

My take, Big Picture: As I have said all year, the Mets are between an 83 and 85 win team; but let's see what the next 45 days hold before we rush out and mortgage the future for C Lee or Westbrook or Millwood.

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