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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AL and NL All-Star Ballots

As part of my participation of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I pick and share my picks for my AL and NL all-star teams before the teams are announced.  Below are my selections with some tidbits, and I will post the consensus of the bloggers alliance when the results are finalized. Feel free to post your comments below.

AL Starting Team:
C: V Martinez. Runner-up was Joe Mauer, but his lack of power this year led me to V-Mart
1B: M Cabrera. Runner-up was another Twin, J Morneau. M Cabrera is just a machine right now
2B: R Cano. He is hands-down the best 2B in the AL this year
3B: E Longoria. Runner-up is surprisingly A Beltre, who also plays great defense, but gets penalized in my book for taking out two outfielders on his own team
SS: D Jeter. Runner-up A Gonzalez of Toronto, but Jeter gets it based partly on longevity and A-Gon's .265 average doesn't help.
OF S Choo. He is one of the most under-rated players in the game, playing on a bad Cleveland team
OF C Crawford. Crawford is hitting .310, has 25 SB and plays great defense.
OF J Hamilton. He's been on fire recently, and he is hitting .337 and has 16 HRs.
DH: V Guerrero. I had written him off as completely finished, but he has proven me wrong thus far, hitting .327 with 15 home runs.

Starting Pitcher: C Lee. Runner-up D Price. Although Price leads the league in ERA, C Lee deserves the start to his unfathomable .46 walk rate per 9 innings (4 walks in 77 2/3 innings so far). He has an ERA of 2.55 in 10 starts, and his FIP is 1.89.

NL Roster:
C: B McCann. His .379 OBP is the deciding factor in an underwhelming selection of catchers.
1B: A Pujols. Runner-up A Gonzalez. Both are having good years, but Pujols gets the slight edge
2B: K Johnson. Runner-up C Utley. I suspect Utley was playing through an injury and K Johnson benefits from an early-year power surge.
3B: D Wright. I know a lot of fans are disappointed with Wright this year with his increasing K's, but he still is the class of the NL 3rd baseman, as he's on pace for 25+ HR/25 + SB, with 110+ RBIs.
SS: H Rameriz. Although Reyes has been hot lately, Hanley has been consistent this year (despite his benching).
OF: R Braun LF. .304 average with 10 homers and 10+ steals. Perennial all-star
OF C Rasmus CF. Plays terrific defensive CF, and has really progressed in hitting lefties this year. This 2nd year player is hitting .280 and 14 home runs.
OF M Holliday. Steady and consistent, he's hitting .308 with 11 home runs.

Starting Pitcher: U Jimenez. Runner-ups is J Johnson. Both of these pitchers have been phenomenal this year.


  1. I have a hard time getting into the all-star game. Yeah it is fun to see a Josh Johnson face a Vlad Guerrero, but it just isn't for me. I hope the NL wins obviously because of the stupid rule about home field in the series (and it is stupid..play 162 games, be the best all year and an exhibition declares home field...ugh..)

    But I like your list...seems fair to me

  2. Kelly Johnson!!!! Have you been blind to what Martin Prado has done down in Atlanta?

  3. I know this isn't all star stuff, but if Manuel says Beltran is going to play CF, is Pagan now the key chip (in the Mets mind) to get the pitcher they really want? He has high trade value (good performance, not much money). I don't think it is a good idea especially since Beltran is a ways away from being an everyday guy (if he has limp somehow I think 20 days might not be enough).

    I just hope the Mets don't screw this up...things are going pretty well and I would like them to stay that way. I also believe in chemistry and right now Pagan is fitting beautifully with their team concept...that's not a knock on Beltran because any of us would want Beltran over Pagan--Beltran is just better **when healthy**

  4. why is Pagan not on your all star team...
    Pagan is batting about .300 41 Runs, 4 HR, 35 RBIS, .363 OBP and 9 SB out of the 2 hole. He is the team's MVP behind Wright

    Rookie of the Year--Brennan Boesch

    11 HR & 39 RBI's, .392 OBP...hit a ball at Citi Field that landed at LaGuadia

    where is he on the AL All Star Team...