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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Happy Recap.

BROOM BROOM SWEEP! Mets with a huge come from behind win, 7-6!

This was the polar opposite of the Mets "mailing it in" like I had predicted. They were down 5-0, but they continued to fight and Francoeur hit a HUGE 3-run HR. A couple people asked if it bothers me that Frenchy has been playing so well over the past 2 weeks. "No, I root for the Mets to win, I don't care how it happens." Yes I have been very critical of Jeff, but it's not that I dislike him personally, I look at his numbers and don't see a player deserving to play every single day. But again, I could care less how it happens as long as we keep getting "happy recaps"

Day off on Monday, MLB Player Draft starts tonight at 7, and the Mets have the 7th pick. I will try to post some links of scouting reports to the few players the Mets are supposedly considering.

3 game series versus the Padres Tuesday- Thursday.


  1. where would the Mets be without PAGAN???

  2. feliciano comes up on tuesday...we will miss him very much