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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cliff Lee Rumors

Every single newspaper/beat reporter/blog has their own idea on who and what it will take to get Cliff Lee from the Mariners.

I will not be updating everybody's opinion on who and what it will take to get Lee, because the only people that know what is the asking price are Jack Zduriencik and Omar Minaya (assuming he's talked to Jack Z).

Here are the facts and what I consider when/who I would trade to the Mariners for Lee.
  1. These are the players that were traded to the Phillies for a FULL YEAR of Cliff Lee: Phillippe Aumont, outfielder Tyson Gillies and right-hander Juan Ramirez from Seattle. None of the players were top 75 prospects in baseball at the time of the trade (Aumont was highest at #78), based on Kevin Goldsteins (Baseball Prospectus) top 101 prospects. 
    1. As a reference, Mejia was 48, F-Mart 80, W Flores 84 (who is the hottest player included in most rumored trades this week), Ike Davis 87.
    2. None of the prospects the Phillies were rated in Keith Law's top 100 from back in January, but Mejia was 23, Flores 41, Davis 64, F-Mart 73.
  2. So based on that trade for a FULL YEAR of C Lee, I would not give the Mariners more than they gave up just so we can get TWO MONTHS of C Lee.
I have no problem and agree 100% C Lee makes this year's Mets team better, but I'm still not sold that the Mets make the playoffs even if they have Cliff Lee for 2 1/2 months. Hope we don't make a huge mistake and mortgage the future. If we can get Lee for players outside of these above four (and Niese), then do it in a heart beat. But that's highly unlikely in my opinion.

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  1. I agree with these statements--no sense is giving up the world for a 2 month rental. They might as well not get him and sign him as a free agent. It will cost, but that is better than costing and losing good players.

    Pelf needs to right the ship tonight and get them team back on track going to DC. Lost in all the Strasburg mania, is the Nats are back to stinking up the joint. So they need to win tonight and do some damage on a struggling Washington.