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Thursday, June 17, 2010

J Mejia

I'm tired of beating a dead horse, so I'm just going to link you to all the stories of the day involving Mejia and let you guys form your own decision.


Daily Stache

Joel Sherman

Here is the best of it:
In his last six outings, since May 31, Mejia has appeared in six games. In one, the Mets trailed by two runs when he entered. In the other five, the Mets were ahead or behind by no fewer than five runs when he came in. For the season 12 of his 29 appearances have begun in that situation: at least a five-run lead one way or the other. He has not been asked to protect a tie and/or a lead of two or fewer runs since May 4 in Cincinnati.

My Take: M Acosta, B Parnell, or heck, I could pitch in a five-run game. But we are hindering a special talent's development to become a starter because he is so valuable in the 2010 Mets bullpen? Rrrright...

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