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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cliff Lee Chatter/Trade Rumors

It's June 24th, yet the talk of trading deadline deals are already taking shape. Today, you can send you a thank you note to Geoff Baker and his Mariners Blog, which proclaimed the Mets and Twins to be the front-runners for Cliff Lee.

His proposed trade for the Mets is J Mejia and A Pagan for the rental services of Cliff Lee.

My Take: The Mets aren't looking to trade Mejia, Niese or Ike (at least I hope not), so this trade will not materialize.  Also, the price for Lee should be decreasing every single day from here on out, as every week that goes by that's one/two less starts that he will make for his new team. That's in theory obviously. If the Mets can get Lee without trading one of the big three, then go ahead. But I want to hold on to the future instead of mortgaging the future.

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