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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jerry Manuel on the Double Switch that pulled D Wright

This is from ESPN New York's Adam Rubin.

But what did manager Jerry Manuel possibly achieve by leaving in Fernando Tatis and placing him at third base after he pinch-hit in the top of the 11th while removing Wright? After all, Tatis’ spot wasn’t scheduled to bat until eighth in the 12th, while Wright was due up ninth that inning?

Manuel explained that with Rod Barajas already having replaced Henry Blanco, he had no more catchers remaining if Barajas got hurt. And Tatis is the Mets’ emergency catcher since Mike Jacobs’ departure, at least with Alex Cora also already pulled from the game.

Can anyone possibly explain what Jerry Manuel was doing/thinking?? This is my best guess. "Well...ah...I think that, ah, I thought that, ah, Pedro was going to pitch, ah, well, ah, and ah, if the game continued and barajas needed to come out, ah, then Tatis would be warm and ready to go in the game." 

Glad it didn't matter Jerry, but this was still an inexcusable move, unless D Wright was/is hurt.

UPDATE: This is another opinion taking from the Hardball Times, Craig Calcaterra.
I think Jerry Manuel read Ozzie Guillen's "When I want to quit, I'll do a lot of stupid things and make sure they fire me and get paid" quotes from yesterday morning, because what else could explain (a) taking David Wright out of the game in order to keep Fernando Tatis in it; and (b) using Pedro Feliciano for four straight games, which is only increasing the pressure on an already overtaxed Mets' pen.


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  1. maybe Jerry was channeling his inner Bobby V and was going to have Wright throw on a disguise and look like Tatis...

    I guess it is good they lost before it became an issue? But I agree--your all-star 3B has to be in the game in extras--he can win the game for you with one swing!