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Friday, May 14, 2010

Scouting Report, RHP Anibal Sanchez

The 26-year old Sanchez is in his 5th major league season with the Marlins. He was signed by the Red Sox in 2001 as an amateur free agent in Venezuela, and was traded in 2005 in the Hanley Rameriz and Josh Beckett deal. In 2006 he took the league by storm, going 10-3, with a 2.83 ERA and 1.19 WHIP in 114 innings, including a no-hitter. Since that year, he has totaled 203 innings in the last 3+ years. He has a checkered medical history, as he had Tommy John Surgery in 2003, and two shoulder surgeries, along with two DL stints last year for a shoulder sprain. He proclaims this year that he is completely healthy. After returning from the DL last year in August, he was very good, holding batters to a .212 batting average against, and a 2.68 ERA in 50 innings. For his career, he has a 3.89 ERA and 1.46 WHIP, with average strikeout rates, but high walk rates (4.25 W/9).  Against the Mets, he is 2-3, with a 4.22 ERA and 1.625 WHIP in six starts.

Sanchez has a fluid delivery and throws from a 3/4 arm slot. He is a four-pitch pitcher, featuring a low 90s fastball (he will add and subtract on his fastball, and throw it up and down in the zone), a plus slider (83 mph), as well as a curve-ball and an excellent change-up. He throws his fastball 50% of the time, slider 25%, while mixing in his curve and change equally (11-12%). His two best pitches are his slider and change-up.

So far this year, he's 1-2, with a 4.08 ERA and 1.53 WHIP. He isn't striking many hitters out this year (5.3 K/9), but has suffered some bad luck (.343 BAPIP). He's gone 6+ innings in five of his six starts this year and allowed only one home run thus far.


  1. has anyone pointed out that each of the last 10 Met games have been decided by 2 runs or fewer? I'm sure they have, but I think it shows that this team might not be great but they will battle and at least make it an exciting year for us fans. Or it might just show that they have a propensity for losing close games lately - never a good sign for a team....Sincerly, 8 Bottles of Beer

  2. Thanks for the comment 8 bottles of beer. Hopefully you will post again tonight and you will be 1 or 2 bottles of beer...

    We all know/knew that this was not a great team. I don't think anyone expected this team to win 95+ games. I agree they are being competitive, but they have had 4-8 streaks so far this year. Good teams probably don't have 2 of those stretches all year, and the Mets have 2 in 35 games