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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Game 40. Mets @ Braves

Mets look to sweep the series from the Braves and get back to .500. This is the line-up that will be facing RHP Kris Medlen:

UPDATED LINE UP: Barajas was scratched with a stomach virus.

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Chris Carter, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Angel Pagan, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Henry Blanco, C
Johan Santana, P

Original Line-up:
J Reyes SS
L Castillo 2B (Mets 2nd baseman have hit in the 2-hole every game this year)
C Carter LF
D Wright 3B
I Davis 1B
R Barajas C
A Pagan CF (wasn't he the lead-off hitter for 30+ games)
J Francoeur RF (Jerry, "because that's the spot you can be a free-swinger")
J Santana P

Jerry, did you just realize Francoeur is a free-swinger?!? He hasn't changed a single bit since arriving to the Mets last year, but this is the first time you have hit him 8th. Did some one else in the meeting today tell you to do/say that?

My prediction: Mets win 3-2 again, as Johan goes 7+ innings, and the Mets win the first five games of the year versus the Braves.

As always, LET'S GO METS!

1 comment:

  1. Let's go Mets!

    Santana will get the job done. If he gets any run support, Met win, series sweep (who cares if it is only 2 games), and forward they go.

    Getting to .500 is always good and with the lack of bullpen and back end starting pitching, not bad. Let's be honest--the Mets are a player or two away from being a good team so if a marginal team can stay above water, it might not be what we want, but better than being under water...