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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jerry Manuel's Son's Blog

Not sure if you guys saw this yesterday... We Are With You Pops

Today, as the team sits only 2 games under .500 his job performance, team's performance and job security remain under extreme scrutiny. Playing and managing in NYC is without doubt the toughest place to play in the world... As a manager, his decisions, moves, style and performance are questioned daily in the media's capitol... A few hours before and right after each game he sits with the media... 162 times a year... Hammered with questions and even second guessed by the ball clubs own broadcasters, bloggers, reporters and analysts daily. 

And this is why I don't ever root/call for anyone to get fired. No man/manager is an island (I learned something in my four years of English at KMHS!), and for people to call for someone to lose his job is not fair to his/her family. I certainly hope I never read on a blog/paper/watch on TV that someone is calling for me to lose my job. I obviously disagree with a lot of Jerry's managerial decisions, but I also understand this is a very difficult job to perform when you don't have "the horses."

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