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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

J Mejia being demoted on Wednesday??

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York is reporting that the coinciding roster move to bring up RA Dickey for Wednesday's start will be to demote J Mejia in order to groom him to be a starting pitcher.

My Take: Wow, the Mets are making another smart decision. This is going to leave the major league bullpen short-handed in the short-term (without Takahashi & Mejia and adding O Perez), but Igarashi will be activated shortly. But this is the best long-term scenerio for both the Mets and for J Mejia. #1 or 2 starters are a lot more valuable than 60 innings of a closer/bullpen arm. I am concerned that the Mets are thinking Mejia will be able to come back and start for the Mets this year. He is going to need a lot more seasoning than that in my opinion, as his secondary pitches have not been effective/utilized as much as he will need as a starter facing the same hitters three times throughout the game. This year he has thrown his fastball > 80% of his pitches.  Mejia will also work on refining his control (4.15 W/9 this year). Another concern is to be wary of a significant increase in the number of innings, as Mejia only threw 94 minor league innings last year, and the 20-year old is not past the injury nexus yet.

But again, this is a big step in the right direction.  The brain trust meeting in Atlanta yesterday so far has produced positive results if this source is indeed true.

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