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Friday, May 7, 2010

WALK OFF BARAJAS STYLE!! 2 home runs from Ike and Barajas!! go crazy folks, go crazy! Mets win 6-4


  1. Since the kid chicken is in Minny checking out Target Field, I will do the "happy recap"

    The Good:

    They won. They battled back and found a way to win.

    Davis hits 2 HR's. He's not Keith Hernandez, but he is pretty darn good and look forward to watching his develop.

    If Barajas can hit 20 HR's this year and hit .250 or so, I think we will be satisfied.

    Pelf with 7.1 innings of solid pitching. He did his job and continues his positive start (minus the Philly game)

    The bad:

    K-Rod had good stuff tonight, but has to find a way to close up the game. I know people are going to say the 1-2 breaking ball was a strike, but great pitchers (or at least very good ones) get past that and don't hang 2-2 changeups that get hit to Mars. With that being said, K-Rod is just fine.

    Oh, and any Met fan knows Angel Hernandez well (play with Piazza in Atlanta game before the all star break a few years back etc) but Francouer was out in the 9th--he got it right.

    Mets have to win tomorrow with Santana pitching tomorrow. Win tomorrow, then take your chances with Lincecum.

    The Mets have some fight in them this year. That is a welcome sign after the last 2 years.

    Enjoy Target Field. I could have gone to the game tomorrow (18 rows behind 3rd base dugout) but I have 2 games of my own to be at so I ain't goin...

    Let's go Mets, put it in the books..and as Keith would say "the Metsies" won...

  2. Thanks Marc, nice recap. Also want to applaud Ike Davis for diving over the dugout railing to end the top of the 9th. HUGE.

    Win the series with Johan today

  3. Also worth noting his catch was the top play on sportscenter's Top 10 Plays.

    Mets have come a long way since the Not Top 10.