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Friday, May 28, 2010

Game 49: Mets @ Brewers

The Mets travel to face the Brew Crew tonight, and here is the line-up that will face RHP Y Gallardo:

J Reyes SS
A Cora 2B
J Bay LF
I Davis 1B
D Wright 3B
A Pagan CF
R Barajas C
J Francoeur RF (hitting .187 versus RHP). Why isn't Chris Carter getting a start??
J Santana P

It has been nice to do these line-ups each day knowing you only need to check/change the 2B in the 2 spot (49th straight game the 2nd baseman has hit in #2 hole).

My prediction: Mets read my scouting report, Gallardo doesn't last more than 6 innings, and the Mets score a few late runs against the Brewers bullpen; Mets win 4-2, running the winning streak to six games. Johan is his typical self, 7 innings, 2 earned runs.


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