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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Escobar Surgery, Pelfrey MRI, Johan's Game Plan

  • K Escobar is having another shoulder surgery on Wednesday to repair a torn capsule in his throwing shoulder. But don't worry, he will still be getting the 1.25 million guaranteed to him without ever throwing as much as a spring training pitch this year.
  • Also mentioned in that article was the fact Mike Pelfrey underwent an MRI for "general shoulder tightness", but he isn't expected to miss any time. Obviously the Mets can ill afford to lose Pelfrey for any extended period of time.  
  • Dan Warthen made an Omar-esqe comment to the Daily News, revealing what Johan Santana's game plan has been so far this year (fastballs in early to set up his change-up later in the game). I kept looking, but walking Jamie Moyer with the bases loaded was not part of the plan.
    • http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/05/mets-give-away-johan-santanas-plan.html.php
Other than that, just a normal Tuesday morning after a three-game losing streak and John Maine pitching in the bandbox known as Great American Ballpark tonight.  How long ago was the eight-game winning streak?


  1. I told myself that 3-3 would be an acceptable road trip coming off the great homestand. They have to find a way to win the next 2 and the train back on the track.

    Perez kept them in the game and if he can do that consistently, great. Do I think he can? Not at 89 mph, but who knows.

    Maine needs to follow up his last start and put forth another good effort .

    They are 14-12 and are ok. I know most Met fans still aren't happy, but at least they aren't 7-17 or whatever like we all thought they would be. The next 2 games will show me a lot about the character of this team--can they fight back after tough losses in Philly and an extra inning loss last night? Can they battle to save a road trip.

  2. Shifty loss last night. Said I would toad 3-3 before they left town, gotta grind out a couple Ws

  3. Marc brings up a good point, that it could be a lot worse, especially when they started 4-8. However I don't think the Reds are going to roll over and just let the Mets get to 3-3 on the road trip. I'm not expecting them to win tonight as I am expecting Maine to get rocked by a good fastball hitting team in a bandbox. So then the losing streak reaches four, and the Mets have to find a way to avoid getting swept tomorrow.

    I hope I'm wrong.