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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yankees acquire another All Star

And they do it again. The Yankees add another all-star Javy Vasquez today, all while not hurting their 2010 major league team all that much. They did give up a potential power arm in Vizcaino (but he's 19 years old, a lot of things can go wrong between now and 3-4 years when he would be ready to help a major league team).

And they also put themselves back in the market for a corner outfielder (Damon), so it decreases the Mets leverage slightly with Bay until the Yankees fill that "supposed void" with another all-star. It will be interesting to see if the Yankees do have a budget and don't bid on Damon, Bay or Matt Halladay.

As far as the hot and heavy rumors of RA Dickey, please see my comment under the Jason Marquis posting.

1 comment:

  1. Now we have a rumor of Phillips and Arroyo for Pelfrey? Oh wait, we have RA Dickey! The Mets better have a plan...right now, there is nothing under the Mets Christmas tree to open...leave it to the Mets to make everything interesting...

    anybody else think Bay and Molina aren't coming? Offers made 3 weeks ago and nothing? And Bay's agent has re-opened talks with Boston. Sounds to me like somebody doesn't want to be a Met...

    Mets need to find a way to battle...