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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jason Marquis

A couple people were wondering why I left Jason Marquis off my list of available pitchers. well here are a couple reasons... Is Jason Marquis any better than a #4 pitcher on a playoff team? The only reason why he is on the radar is because he's a local guy and has publicly said he wants to play for the Mets. The last pitcher who said that was Tim Redding. that worked out well. Even still, I dont think Marquis is that good. He isn't a strike out pitcher (4.8 k's/9 innings over the past 4 years), so he doesn't miss many bats. Maybe you've heard he's a "ground ball pitcher". Last year, he was (1.3 go/fo), but before that, his go/fo ratio for his career is 1.10, so 11 ground balls to 10 fly balls. And in 2008 he actually had more fly balls than ground balls. If he wants to give the Mets a home town discount, say 2 million a year, sure I'll take him and allow him to fight for a spot in the rotation, but he's not worth 8-10 million/multiple years. He is a league average pitcher. And the Mets have enough guys that are average, we need to pay for above average pitchers

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