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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jason Bay

Now apparently Jason Bay is looking for a 6 year deal "from the Mets." AKA, Jason Bay doesn't want to play for the New York Mets. Now the whispers are the Mets are willing to go 5 years for 75 million. If that is on the table, and he doesn't take it, his agent should be fired, because I highly doubt he gets a deal for more money than that.

I hope Buster Olney is right is that the Mets still only have the 4 year deal on the table, with an option for the 5th max.

But please, don't guarantee 5 years and don't even think about a 6th year.


  1. Any thoughts on the Mets possibly signing cannon-arm Johnny Damon?

  2. Matt, I replied to the Johnny Damon question in the previous post (new reliever on the horizon) comments.

  3. 6 years would be a mistake. If you give more money for 4 years with an option, they can get him. It could just be a money ploy to get more. Agents and players do this all the time and you can never really trust what you hear. I mean look at Lackey--not a word about Boston but yet he is there. Bay is a good fit for the Mets and can hit them out of CitiField--but they can't go 6 years with 90+ million. For that, they might as well get Holliday who is as good and probably better.

    Mets need to BATTLE

  4. Clint Everts (1yr - $75K minors - $400K majors), Ryota Igarashi (2yr - $3M), and 39-year-old Elmer Dessens (1yr - $90K minors, $700K majors) are in the fold.