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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And 1 programming note

In response to hearing that Bengie Molina now wants a 3 year deal, I'm laying this out there before it happens. If this happens, this blog will turn into Anti-Omar and begging/pleading him to be fired immediately. There is absolutely no reason to sign him more than 1 year (I dont think there is any reason to sign him for 1 year, but I would accept it as not a terrible deal).

Please Omar, I beg you, DO NOT SIGN BENGIE MOLINA, but if you have a man crush on him, please dont go for more than a year. Don't use the moronic Kansas City Royals signing Jason Kendall for 2 years as a bench mark to justify a 3 year deal for Molina.

1 comment:

  1. Molina for 3 years is nuts. 1 year with an club option at around 7.5 mill per is about right. If they want to add years, give it to Bay since it is going to take 5 / 75 to get him (at least). Otherwise, pony up for Holliday and pay him 80+ million with mulitiple years.

    The Mets want us to believe the "core" is good? Fine. Then stop giving out bad contracts to role players and non "core" players. Molina for 3 would be a bad contract.

    Mets must find a way to BATTLE!!!