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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Granderson Trade

For those who don't know, the Yankees acquired "all-star" Curtis Granderson yesterday while giving up Phil Coke, prospect Austin Jackson and former prospect Ian Kennedy. I don't love Granderson, as he is worse than Ryan Howard vs lefties and fails to adjust. He is a .210 hitter versus lefties. ouch. Yes he's fast, but his defense has slid the past 2 years and he might be better suited for Left Field, all the while being younger (29) and slightly cheaper (average 10 million over next 3 years) than Johnny Damon. Yes, while the Yankees didn't give up much in terms of their 2010 team, doesn't Austin Jackson look to be able to provide similar production to Granderson in 2011 and beyond, all the while costing $400,000? But there is no "bridge" year in the Bronx, and they will continually look to win now and every year. I just hope that Omar doesn't make a knee jerk reaction to this and try to "capture the back page" and make a big splash the next few days just for the sake of making a splash.


  1. Wwe neweed piatching. I could hit 20 homeeeeruns against the currfwent rottation.

  2. Good job to get Curtis but disapointing we had to give up Austin. This is a prospect I've been reading about for a few years now and I always like to see the home grown talent.

  3. Typical Yankee fan; wants to win now but then gets mad when they give up prospects. never happy...