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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New relief pitcher on the horizon?

Here is a brief scouting report on a new potential set up pitcher Ryota Igarashi. He's 30 years old and below is the scouting report from Keith Law, who has him listed as the 25th best free agent this offseason.

Igarashi is a slightly wild power reliever who missed all of 2007 and part of 2008 due to Tommy John surgery, but has fully recovered and handled a regular workload in 2009. He has a very quick arm and has been clocked at 98 mph, although he'll probably pitch at 93-96 in a one-inning role in the U.S. His best off-speed pitch is a mid- to upper-80s splitter with good bottom, and he can throw the pitch for strikes instead of waiting for hitters to chase it in the dirt. He has some deception in his delivery, and he's almost a "drop-and-drift" guy without great forward momentum towards the plate.

For a reported 1 million that sounds good enough to me. Get 'er done.


  1. I dig it.

    Read this AM Mets may talk to Damon, any thoughts on that front ?

  2. I would talk to Damon, see if he will take a 1 year deal. If he says no, then say ok, nice talking to you. He could fit for ayear or two max, but can't give him a 3 year deal